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The first Liner Hempcrete Mixer was developed with and sold to Hemp Lime Construct Ltd. Their comments on its performance of the mixer are below: -

"As far as throughput is concerned we haven't been held up by the mixer, its hard to say how much you could do and its pretty pointless stating a figure because it all depends on the build. We have done 10 cubic metres of hempcrete in one day, actually we have done this a few times. But it wasn't the mixer that stopped us it was the amount of wall available to fill. It is very unlikely on house building scale that you would need to do more than that in a day, and if I had a huge building to do with big straight walls then I would rather have two mixers on the go rather than one huge one because anything bigger than our mixer is just to difficult and costly to move around. if you had all the materials next to you, an unlimited supply of water and a huge hole to fill next to you, you could bash out a mix every ten minutes with roughly 2.5 mixes per cubic metre, then in a 10 hour day, theoretically you could do 24 cubic metres but you would never have a building where you could do that much in a day because of the need to move shuttering around,move the mixer, materials, access etc etc" Will Stanwix Director, Hemp-Lime Construct Ltd